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UEFA-USA training

Our coaches are passionate in the development of youth players and have international experience playing and coaching throughout the United States, Europe and South America.

Coaching staff have passed risk management and extensive background checks.


Soccer Academy with a ring of confidence surrounding and

separating you from your counterparts.


Whatever level you play, if you are the player that strives

to be the best you can be.

United European Football Academy is the place for you.


We guarantee that after completing the intense week, you will leave

a more technically skilled player. In addition, your tactical

awareness will improve and your overall understanding on

what it takes to become an elite athlete will continue to grow and develop.

Our Philosophy / Objective

UEFA-USA Academy team

 The Academy’s primary purpose is to support competitive, year-around, community based

youth soccer in the Chicago area. We seek to develop players in four basic areas:

technique, tactics, psychology and physical fitness.

The Academy is founded and managed by Olympic Gold medalist

soccer star Igor Sklyarov, who is excited to bring his  expertise and success as

an international player, coach and sports director to the Greater Chicago area.

Our vision includes teaching players, coaches and all participants sportsmanship,

loyalty and respect for each other, officials and fellow competitors.

Our programs are focused on developing the soccer skills of each participant

within an enjoyable yet challenging atmosphere.

Through planning and organization, leadership, and quality coaching,

UEFA-USA Soccer Academy will develop and advance

novice / advanced players of all age levels to their full potential.


We offer: Technical Training passing,

trapping, dribbling, juggling, shooting,

heading, slide tackle, bicycle kick, vision.

Team tactics: dead ball play,

support, positional play, match play.

   Soccer tournament -

"Cup of Legends"

Upcoming events

9 - 10 December 2017  Tampa / Florida


The coach to number of players ratio allowed every player to get notice and help whenever needed.  I would highly recommend this academy to anyone serious about playing college soccer because it allows you to get up close and personal with a very good coaching staff.

Alex Grunfeld, Chicago


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